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human evolutionary anatomy, geometric morphometrics

Inventory, classification and description of the biodiversity of continental Ichthyofauna,:the comprehension of their evolutionary processes and the mechanisms that give rise to their diversification

Journalist and Master's Degree in Radio. I travel and write as much as posible. Passions? Natural History, of course. I love radio, diving and I definitely hate plastics.

Historia evolutiva, biología y conservación de anfibios ibéricos

Using field and molecular techniques to understand the evolutionary processes that generate and maintain biodiversity.

From the UGID, I carry out support tasks for the computer management and digitization of Collections.

Curator and Collections Manager of Fossil Invertebrates and Paleobotany Collections

Curator of the Ichthyology Collection since 2008

Fernando Valladares has a PhD in Biological Sciences from the Complutense University of Madrid and directs the Ecology and Global Change group