Zoological Samples Preparation Laboratory

The Laboratory for the Preparation of Zoological Samples is a general-purpose laboratory, intended for the processing and performance of various techniques for analyzing samples, mainly based on optical microscopy.

In this laboratory we work with zoological samples from very varied taxonomic groups preserved dry, in preservative liquids or in microscopic preparations, analyzing complete specimens, internal or external structures and tissues.

Techniques offered

The activities that can be carried out include the processing and analysis of zoological samples of a varied nature, working e.g. with specimens of invertebrates included in raw samples (benthos, soils, insect traps) or of vertebrates (whole specimens or certain parts). The studies are completed with the obtaining and processing of images of the samples (stereomicroscope and optical microscope) and cover a wide range of research lines: taxonomy, physiology, parasitology, ecology, biodiversity, etc.


Leitz Diaplan optical microscope with integrated digital camera

Zeiss optical microscope with Zeiss MRC5 digital camera and AXIOVISION software

Leica M165C stereomicroscope, with Leica DFC450 digital camera and HP Z220 computer equipped with LAS X (Leica Aplication Suite) software for image processing

Stereomicroscope Zeiss STEMI 305 with Zeiss ICC1 digital camera and AXIOVISION software

Stereomicroscopes Zeiss, Wild Heerbrugg and two Leica.

Water distiller

Electric heating plate.


Responsable científico

María Valladolid- marval@mncn.csic.es

Responsable técnico

Arabia Sánchez- arabia@mncn.csic.es