Virtual Morphology Laboratory

The Virtual Morphology Laboratory offers scientific-technical service for digitization and 3D printing of objects related to natural sciences (skeletons, fossils, naturalizations, etc.).

These services serve for quantitative research in the study of the 3D biological form through computerized (virtual) techniques or for digital conservation in collections and exhibition in museums. 

The scanning of anatomical objects is done by a surface scanner (laser, structured light) to obtain a virtual 3D model of that object.

The 3D quantification of these digitized objects is carried out by measuring landmarks, their statistical analysis through geometric morphometrics and virtual modeling. 

Prototyping of all these virtual models using 3D printing in different sizes (at original scale, major or minor) is useful for study, scientific communication or also for museum purposes.

Aside from giving professional service by the technician, there is a constant activity of training through courses and offering external internships, end of degree/master projects or doctoral theses.



Scientific advisor:

Markus Bastir


Lab Tech (budgets, information)

Carlos A. Palancar 




C/ Serrano 115 bis / 8th floor