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I am a system scientist and biogeochemist focused on the study of ecosystem functioning and their responses to global change. Since my early carrier, most of my research was dedicated to characterize and measure the rates of several biogeochemical processes involved on water, C, N and P cycles at ecosystem-scale, mainly in semi-arid and tropical aquatic ecosystems. My main scientific goals are (1) to determine how interactions between the abiotic and biotic compartments address the ecosystem functioning, (2) to assess the main drivers of carbon and nitrogen cycles, (3) to measure greenhouse gas emissions and their feedback (atmospheric to ecosystem) effects, and (4) to trace and measure biogeochemical processes using stable isotopes. Through multidisciplinary research, my main achievement has been to identify and measure the strong fluctuating nature of biogeochemical processes in semi-arid wetlands, including those located in tropical regions, which depend on hydrology variability. I have been IP in 6 competitive research projects (3 in Spain and 3 abroad) and I have participated in 10 (7 national and 3 international). Since 2008, my lab is focusing on the study of greenhouse gases and stable isotopes as tracers of biogeochemical processes. My three last research projects as IP, DECAMERON (the first FACE facility in a wetland), BIOMET (C and N cycling in lakes using stable isotopes) and MACROFITOS (global change effects on aquatic N cycle), were addressed to achieve those issues. I am very interested in the long-term ecological research and  I am the scientific head of the LTER-Spain node Las Tablas de Daimiel. I published 98 items, including JCR papers (62), books (5) and book chapters (31). I am currently  associated to the Aquatic Biogeochemistry Lab in the Instituto de Ciencias del Mar y Limnología (UNAM, Mexico), as teacher in the postgraduate program in Marine Sciences and Limnology and collaborating in several research projects on tropical limnology.


The Sánchez & Álvarez Biogeochemistry Lab


Our lab is focused on the functionality of aquatic ecosystems considering how function and structure are changing as induced by human activity. Ecosystems are analyzed by quantifying the biogeochemical fluxes between compartments at different time scales (from minutes to millennia), with emphasis on processes related to the transformations of C, N and P and their interconnections with the structure of the biotic compartment (food webs) and sediments. The ultimate goal of the lab is to model processes that drive biogeochemical cycles in relation to global change. We are very interested on research infrastructures such as LTER-sites (Las Tablas de Daimiel wetland and Las Madres Lake) and FACE facilities (SAWFACE - semi-arid wetland free-air CO2 elevated experiment) which are supported by different research projects. For further information click here.

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